Many residents of Moscow City and Region face with the need to execute domicile or temporary registration, receive a foreign passport or work permit, have a lost passport reissued... There are plenty of problems, however there is one solution – Registralkin - with the help of which you will be able to make all the necessary procedures quickly and accurately.
Moving to Moscow City or Region, people are often faced with the fact that productive work and life is possible only with executed temporary or domicile registration in hand. For visitors from other countries, the problem is even more pronounced - if applicants with no local registration can still expect to find a job, the former having no permit in hand shall expect nothing. It is therefore extremely important to execute documents that will result in more comfortable life.
In addition to work permit, citizens of other countries planning to receive the citizenship of the Russian Federation shall be ready for overcoming long stages. First of all, it is the need to receive a temporary residence permit, after which they will be able to easily execute a residence permit. Depending on the intended business activity a work patent or a work permit may be required.
People residing in Moscow City and Region and registered in another Region, often face problems when executing foreign passports with no domicile registration in hand or when changing Russian passports. All these impose collection of a huge number of different documents, constant transfers as well as serious financial and time losses. However, you should not worry! Registralkin will deal with the whole complex of work with documents to a high standard, offering the best solutions for each separate client.