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Citizenship of the Russian Federation


Service name

Package of required documents



Assistance in filling the questionnaire for receiving citizenship of the Russian Federation

Availability of all the necessary data for filling the questionnaire.

1 000 RUB


Receiving citizenship of the Russian Federation

  1. 4 black-and-white matte photos (3,5 x 4,5).
  2. Original migration card and its clear copy.
  3. A copy of passport (passport shall be valid within at least 6 subsequent months), and its notarized translation.
  4. A copy of valid registration. Availability of temporary domicile registration in the passport after receiving temporary residence permit.
  5. A copy of temporary residence permit.


15 000 RUB

Citizenship of the Russian Federation is the final stage for the legalization and approval of the status of the citizen of the Russian Federation. To receive the citizenship, one is required to perform a number of points, among which is the execution of a temporary residence permit, and then a residence permit upon staying in Russia within a year. Only after five years of continuous stay in Russia on the basis of a residence permit one can receive Russian citizenship.


How to get Russian citizenship, living in Moscow City or Region? Consult Registralkin Company! This is a very complicated process that requires strict implementation of certain actions, collection of a huge number of all kinds of documents and serious investment of time. It is very difficult to solve this problem independently, since running to various services takes a lot of nerves and finances, making you seriously think about the taken decision. Therefore, we recommend all clients to receive Russian citizenship with the help of experts perfectly familiar with all the nuances of the process.


With the citizenship of the Russian Federation received, it is very easy to execute domicile registration or temporary registration in Moscow City!