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Foreign Passport

Trips abroad have always been attractive to Russian citizens - gorgeous beaches on the sea shore, beautiful mountains, interesting features of cultures of other countries ... All these attract attention and make you want to travel. A real assistant in this matter will be a foreign passport. Today, citizens of the Russian Federation can make a biometric passport or receive a passport of the old sample. The final choice depends on their personal preferences and needs.


I want to receive a foreign passport in Moscow City or Region, what should I do?


Specialists of Registralkin offer their customers fast and efficient execution of foreign passports, both of old and new samples, in Moscow City. When ordering the service, you should take into account that passports of the old sample are valid within five years. Biometric passport has a special built-in microchip that stores basic information about its holder. Data is protected by electronic signature. Such document is valid within 10 years.

Regardless whether clients have temporary or permanent registration in Moscow City and military registration cards in hand, we are ready to assist them in this complex process. On average, execution of document of the new sample takes from three to six weeks - it largely depends on the season and the popularity of services in a specific period of time.


What shall I pay attention to when ordering the service?

- We are ready to quickly execute a passport even in the absence of registration in Moscow City. In this case, we perform temporary registration of the client that allows us to speed up the process;

- The procedure is executed for men from 18 to 27 years old, still not having military registration cards;

- The client independently makes payment of the state duty;

- Photos for biometric passport are made when submitting documents and their cost is included in the service.