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Medical Board

Assistance in attending medical examination


Assistance in attending medical examination for obtaining work patent, driver's license, temporary residence permit, residence permit, citizenship of the Russian Federation and others.

from 4900 RUB

The conclusion of medical examination is required for a foreign citizen for submission of documents to the Federal Migration Service, execution of temporary residence permit, residence permit and receiving the citizenship of the Russian Federation. Under the current legislation, any foreigner who wants to work within the territory of the Russian Federation, is required to attend medical examination. Otherwise, he will not be able to execute a work patent.

Medical examination procedure includes examination and submission of analyzes of foreign citizens for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV disease, Duhring-Nicolas-Favre, syphilis, submission of analyzes for tuberculosis, leprosy, and chancroid, fluoroscopy and examination of narcologist, dermatologist-venereologist and phthisiologist.


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