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Reissue of Passport of the Russian Federation

Receiving and Changing Russian Passport for the Citizens of the Russian Federation

A spoiled, lost or stolen passport can cause a lot of trouble to its holder, especially in the absence of registration in Moscow City. Its re-issue will require significant financial costs and time, since travels to the place of registration often result in the loss of several days or even weeks. We do not even mention the fact of going back to the holder’s City in order to take the re-issued document.

Registralkin Company will make this problem easier! Our professionals will perform the necessary scope of work, which will result in the re-issue of passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or its initial receipt with no need to travel to the Region of the citizen’s registration. We are ready to help everyone, including those, not having  temporary or permanent registration in Moscow City or Region. Men even do not necessarily have their military registration cards for this procedure.