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Residence Permit


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Package of required documents



Assistance in filling the questionnaire for residence permit

Availability of all the necessary data for filling the questionnaire.

1 000 RUB


Residence permit

  1. 4 black-and-white matte photos (3,5 x 4,5).
  2. Original migration card and its clear copy.
  3. A copy of passport (passport shall be valid within at least 6 subsequent months), and its notarized translation.
  4. A copy of valid registration. Availability of temporary domicile registration in the passport upon receiving temporary residence permit.
  5. A copy of temporary residence permit.
15 000 RUB

Foreign citizens intending to receive Russian citizenship, shall, first of all, execute temporary residence permit. Upon successful staying in Russia with this document within 1 year, they can receive a five-year residence permit, which is a transitional stage between receiving the citizenship.


Why do I need a residence permit?


Residence permit is a separate document, obtained by foreigners, and valid within five years. It confirms their right to freely leave the country and come back, to perform business activity. In addition, it allows foreign citizens enjoy almost all the rights provided for residents of the Russian Federation by the Law. However, the exclusion is service in state agencies and the Armed Forces, the right to vote (one cannot vote when choosing state power with residence permit in hand). The access to the information classified as state secret is also prohibited.

Please note that the extension of a residence permit can be rejected in certain cases. A reason for this procedure, as well as for cancellation of the current document, can serve the same reasons as for the refusal to issue a temporary residence permit. It is important that the application for residence permit extension shall be submitted six months before the termination of the current document.

In the absence of citizenship, a residence permit in Russia generally plays the role of the identity document.


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We offer professional assistance in Moscow City and Region with the execution of residence permit for foreign citizens. Having begun with a temporary residence permit, many our clients today have already received Russian citizenship.