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Test in the Russian language

Help with successful examination

What documents shall be provided

Execution term


Test (examination) in the Russian language for foreign citizens with the issuance of State Certificate of Russian Language Proficiency for a period of 5 years

  1. A copy of migration card.
  2. A copy of passport (main page, the page entry and exit).
  3. A copy of registration.

from 3 to 14 days

from 4 900 RUB

Test in the Russian language for foreign citizens.

An important issue for a foreign citizen is how to receive a patent of the new sample (work patent), residence permit, temporary residence permit and citizenship. This requires a procedure of passing test in the Russian language. It is often unreal for a migrant to pass such an exam.

In case a foreign citizen fails the exam, he will certainly face a test-out exam.This also means high costs, long queues, spent time and nerves.

To pass the exam in the Russian language anyhow, a migrant needs to address third parties that seriously inflate the price, however it is not still a guarantee of receiving so long-awaited Certificate.

Registralkin Company will easily help you to pass all the difficulties and save time and money. Please contact us for provision of assistance in passing test in the Russian language!