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Fans of traveling around Europe appreciate the opportunity to receive a Schengen visa, which opens the door to a variety of countries. The list of the Schengen agreement includes such interesting trips to countries like Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium and many others. Visa in passport gives a lot of advantages. For example, there is no need to constantly receive separate visas to visit different countries. It is enough to make a visa to Finland, and then you will be able to freely travel around Europe.


Where can I execute Schengen visa in Moscow City or Region? In Registralkin Company!


Visa receiving and filling the necessary documents is the most important stage of the whole procedure. The filled data shall exactly comply with all the requirements, as well as photos made for the visa. For filling information about the applicant Russian passport shall be used. If you have temporary registration, you’ll need its copy. The visa cannot be issued without a special insurance policy for the citizens traveling abroad.


In addition, when executing visa it is necessary to consider the following issues:

- The term of foreign passport validity shall exceed the intended period of visa by three months;

- If you have an old passport, with previously issued visas, you shall take it with you;

- For children under 18 years old you shall have a copy of birth certificate. Parents not submitting documents together with the child shall provide a notarized consent for visa execution;

- Photos for the Schengen visa shall be made on light gray background, their size shall be 36 x 47 mm.